terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

Imagina na World Cup 2014

That beautiful view of the beach. It is a paradise. VAI TIO, PERDEU. Is all that I wanted for our family. PASSA A GRANA GRINGO LOUCO. I want to prove all the typical foods. NÃO OLHA PRA MINHA CARA, OTÁRIO. How many nice people here. VACILÃO. This World Cup will give us valuable life lessons in community. EU SENTO O DEDO SE TU FICAR NESSE EMBAÇO. The joy of the sport, the communion, the victory and the defeat. TÔ A MÓ CARA TE FITANDO, MALUCÃO. Everything in this tropical paradise, the samba, the smile, the caipirinha. TÁ CHEIO DE DÓLAR NESSA PORRA. I'm so happy. BELEZA MANÉ. Look, there should be the police station. Lovely place. By chance, you are the last of the queue?

Oui, oui. S'il vous plaît, Monsieur. Je suis le dernier de la file d'attente