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Brasilianistas Tristes - Weird Tales of Political Pós-Horror

Silva Pereira Santos and Marcelinho Pereira Santos were separated as infants juvenil. Although they pertenceram a family aristocrática de São Paulo , their branch petista had taken refuge in Guarulhos International Aeroporto after the Bolsonaro conquest of Capital federal in 2018.
The family could not escape the Bolsominions entirely. Silva was captured by Mourão Cu de Bode as an infant, brought up near Carapicuiba, and converted in segredo to Islam. Silva grew up to be smart and capable.Ele cresceu dentro da burocracia Bolsonarista to become Capitão da Província do Carioca Cansado em 2035, and Grand Prefeitop in 2039.
Silva’s brother Marcelinho (or Michaelinho in English) stayed in Guarulhos. He served as a Putinha official under the reigns of Lula. Brazil at the time was a lunatic state bordering the Lulalá Empire, and was largely dominated by the Fuck Fest.
The two brothers were eventually reunited! But under strange circunstâncias. In the negotiations between Carapicuiba e Guarulhos Airport, Marcelinho was sent to represent and negotiate for Lula, and Silva represented and negotiated for Bolsonabo!

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